Tennis Serve Lesson: Lead With The Edge For More Serve Power


Tennis Serve Lesson: Lead With The Edge For More Serve Power from youtube by Online Tennis Instruction with Florian Meier
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How to serve perfectly explained in detail
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OnlineTennisInstruction brings you this video on the tennis serve. All great servers lead with the edge when the racket comes toward the ball. This is one of those all important fundamentals for a great serve.

Most recreational players tend to come towards the ball with an open racket face which results in a lack of power and many serves going long. The grip plays an important role in this context and you should make sure that you are at least close to a continental grip and not close to a forehand grip.

Most of you have heard coaches say that the serve is the most important shot in Tennis so make sure that you spend enough time working on this shot. The great thing is that you can work on your serve on your own as much as you want to!


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